If you want to provide extra flags to the kube-apiserver that runs inside minikube how do you do it? You can use the minikube’s --extra-config flag with apiserver.<apiserver flag>=<value>, for e.g. if you want to enable RBAC authorization mode you do it as follows:


So this is a no brainer when doing it for flags whose value can be given right away, like the one above. But what if you want to provide value which is a file path. Because you will have to make that file available for apiserver. And this apiserver runs as a static pod inside minikube. How do you make the file available to that process inside pod inside minikube?

The solution is little tricky and not very straight forward. The api-server pod mounts minikube’s /var/lib/minikube/certs/ directory in the pod at location /var/lib/minikube/certs/. Make the file available at this location. When enabling that flag for apiserver provide file location of this directory.

To make this step easier I have filed an issue in minikube upstream kubernetes/minikube/3559.

Follow this tutorial on how to do this. In this tutorial I want to make the EncryptionConfiguration file available for apiserver to enable encryption of secret data at rest. This is the first step to the tasks from kubernetes docs as mentioned here.

Start minikube normally

To make the file needed available in the machine start minikube normally. For that run following command:

minikube start \
--vm-driver kvm2 \
--kubernetes-version v1.13.2 \
--cpus 3 --memory 3000  \
--extra-config=apiserver.authorization-mode=RBAC \
--v 10

You can make required changes to the above commmand lke change the --vm-driver or --cpus or --memory, as per your needs.

Make file available inside minikube

Run following command to go into machine

minikube ssh

Once inside machine become root by running sudo -i. And then create the config file needed that will be passed to the apiserver. For my needs I wanted to create a EncryptionConfiguration.

Run following command to make the config file available.

echo "
kind: EncryptionConfiguration
apiVersion: apiserver.config.k8s.io/v1
  - resources:
    - secrets
    - aescbc:
        - name: key1
          secret: fPLrjJNkbuLmh2aqOsCR5sZV+/Wqhi8CdMrgceaKR3E=
    - identity: {}
" | tee /var/lib/minikube/certs/encryptionconfig.yaml

See the location of the file it is in /var/lib/minikube/certs. In above command you can change it to the config you would want to make available for apiserver.

Restart minikube

Exit out of the minikube vm and get to your host machine and run following:

minikube stop

minikube start \
--vm-driver kvm2 \
--kubernetes-version v1.13.2 \
--cpus 3 --memory 3000  \
--extra-config=apiserver.authorization-mode=RBAC \
--extra-config=apiserver.encryption-provider-config=/var/lib/minikube/certs/encryptionconfig.yaml \
--v 10

Again make changes to the apiserver flag and file name if needed according to your needs. Now you should have apiserver started without problems.