Like many Saturday mornings, Red Hat Bangalore office was once again abuzz with enthusiasm on 8th of April, for hosting yet another successful chapter of Bangalore Kubernetes Meetup. The Meetup had a good turnaround of about 40 people who gave up on their early morning saturday sleep to attend it despite the sweltering hot season and in line were four awesome talks.

Suraj Deshmukh set the stage with his opening talk, Kubernetes on CRI-O, wherein he explained different jargons like OCI, CRI, etc., introduced CRI-O and it’s architecture. Explaining how it glues Kubernetes and OCI compliant runtimes and concluding it with a demo showing how Kubernetes uses CRI-O. Link to slides, video.

Folks listening

Next in queue, was another wonderful talk by Dipak Pawar about System and integration testing for Kubernetes/OpenShift with arquillian-cube and JBoss Forge, elaborating the usefulness of arquillian-cube’s integration for Kubernetes and OpenShift coupled with Forge tooling for testing micro-services deployed on OpenShift/Kubernetes. Link to video.

Dipak Pawar

Following a quick breather, was an informative talk by Budhram Gurung on Running OpenShift locally using Minishift, highlighting the inspiration for the project and covering components of Minishift with a demo showing it’s usage. Also, leaving behind a note on how one could reach out to the developers and contribute to Minishift. Link to slides, video.

Budhram Gurung

Last, but not the least, planned talk was by Suraj Narwade on running Docker on ARM/Raspberry PI, wherein he enjoyed sharing his experience of working on his hobby project, and all the problems faced by him in trying to get containers running on Raspberry PI. He shared his discovery showcasing the incompatibility of the container images built on x86_64, to run on arm. Link to slides, video.

Suraj Narwade

Finally, an unanticipated lightening talk took the audience by storm where a quick 3 minutes demo on Persistent Storage with Kubernetes by Raghavendra Talur turned into a good discussion of 30 minutes. He demo-ed, hyper-converged storage and dynamic provisioning with gluster and answered a lot of queries regarding setting up storage with Kubernetes, finishing on a to be continued note in the successive meetup.

The meetup concluded with discussion over snacks and planning for the next chapter of this meetup, which will be a Kubernetes and OpenShift 101 workshop for beginners.

Folks networking

Thanks to all the Speakers for sharing their valuable thoughts and learnings, Baiju for recording all the sessions, Hemani for making this post a good read and Red Hat for the venue.

The meetup is also featured on K8sPort, which is community engagement platform for Kubernetes community, courtesy Ryan Quackenbush.