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HostPath volumes and it's problems

Kubernetes HostPath volume good way to nuke your Kubernetes Nodes

Suraj Deshmukh

8-Minute Read

This post will demonstrate how Kubernetes HostPath volumes can help you get access to the Kubernetes nodes. Atleast you can play with the filesystem of the node on which you pod is scheduled on. You can get access to other containers running on the host, certificates of the kubelet, etc.

Static Pods using Kubelet on Fedora

Extension to the Kelsey Hightower's tutorial on 'Standalone Kubelet'

Suraj Deshmukh

2-Minute Read

I wanted to try out Standalone Kubelet Tutorial of Kelsey Hightower by myself but I could not follow it as it is, because it was firstly on GCE and secondly it uses CoreOS, but since I am very familiar to Fedora I thought of following that tutorial on it. To get a quick setup of a fresh Fedora machine use Vagrant. I have used Vagrantfile available here.

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