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Monitor releases of your favourite software

Be on top of the releases of the software you rely upon!

Suraj Deshmukh

2-Minute Read

There are various ways to know about the release of your favourite new software, follow the mailing list, check the Github release page periodically, follow the project’s Twitter handle, etc. But do you know there is even more reliable way to track the releases of your favourite software released on Github.

Cobra and Persistentflags gotchas

How wrong usage of persistent flags can burn you

Suraj Deshmukh

3-Minute Read

If you are using cobra cmd line library for golang applications and it’s PersistentFlags and if you have a use case where you are adding same kind of flag in multiple places. You might burn your fingers in that case, if you keep adding it in multiple sub-commands without giving it a second thought. To understand what is really happening and why it is happening follow along.

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