Intellij Shortcuts

Shortcuts of intellij and also some short notes

Suraj Deshmukh

5 minute read

Note: This is a living document and will be updated as I discover new things. Shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + A Find any action in IDE Ctrl + Shift + F Find in Path Alt + 1 Open project navigator. You can search here, just start typing here, after the project navigator window is opened. Shift + Insert in Project window Here you can add new file to the project.

Suraj Deshmukh

4 minute read

Note: This is a living document and will be updated from time to time. Following are steps to package kompose for CentOS PAAS SIG. CentOS PAAS SIG is a repository of packages where rpms related to OpenShift and eco-system around it are delivered. Setup your machine Install packages needed sudo yum update -y && \ sudo yum install -y epel-release && \ sudo yum install -y rpm-build go redhat-rpm-config make koji \ gcc byobu rpmlint rpmdevtools centos-packager Setup certs

Suraj Deshmukh

2 minute read

I generally do kompose package testing for fedora and CentOS. So here are the steps I follow. Fedora For respective fedora version use the tag respectively for e.g. 25 for fedora 25. Starting the environment: docker run -it bash Running tests:

Inside the container # Pull packages from the testing repository dnf –enablerepo updates-testing -y install kompose # Check the kompose version kompose version # Install the testing dependencies dnf install -y jq make # Pull the git repository to run the functional tests git clone https://github.