This edition of meetup was held at Nexus Ventures by folks at OpenEBS on July 8th 2017, which started on a lovely Saturday morning.

Kiran Mova set the floor rolling with his talk on Hyperconverged version of OpenEBS with Kubernetes. Where he talked about containerized storage vs traditional storage, instead of building clustering into OpenEBS how they are leveraging Kubernetes’s capabilities to do clustering.

openEBS demo

He also explained difference between various storage providers viz. Portworx, StorageOS, Rook, GlusterFS, OpenEBS, etc.

Hyperconverged version of OpenEBS with Kubernetes by Kiran Mova

Then was talk by Kamesh Sampath on Istio named A sail in the cloud. Specifically tracing, monitoring, service discovery with Istio.

A sail in the cloud from Kamesh Sampath

He explained the Istio Service Mesh architecture and all components it has. How side-car pattern is being used to deploy Istio with the existing apps in Kubernetes.

side-car config

He talked and demoed about Canary deployment, tracing and Circuit breaking with Istio. Watch the video recording of talk by Kamesh to learn in detail. Here is his demo content.

A sail in the cloud by Kamesh Sampath

After a snacks break, there was a talk by Zeeshan Ahmed about Dance of container image building. The main highlight of this highly interactive session was on best practices to be followed for building container images.

buildah in action

Where he explained why it is not a good idea to bake configs and secrets into container image and how one can use use Kubernetes secrets and configMaps to get this configs and secrets in the container on the fly, he then demoed the tool buildah where you don’t need a docker daemon to build the container image.

Dance of container image building by Zeeshan Ahmed

Followed by Zeeshan was talk by Saravanakumar where he talked about Source to Image in OpenShift, where he explained what is s2i, how you can use s2i with the running OpenShift cluster by directly providing github url of a project and see it deployed on OpenShift.

s2i demo

Then he demonstrated how you can build your own builder image for OpenShift s2i. Link to slides.

Source to Image in OpenShift by Saravanakumar

The meetup ended with announcements of Kubernetes Birthday meetup and awesome burgers from Truffles sponsored by OpenEBS. Thanks all speakers, attendees and sponsors for making this meetup a success. Thanks to OpenEBS for being a generous sponsors, and specifically Kiran and Nisanta for organizing logistics and helping on the day of meetup. Thanks to Hemani and Zeeshan for editing this post.