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How to disable your Chrome Ctrl + W keybinding

Learn how to disable the shortcut Ctrl + W altogether on your GNOME

Suraj Deshmukh

2 minute read

I am about to attempt the CKA exam and it has a browser based terminal. And I am used to this terminal shortcut Ctrl + W which deletes a word. But the same shortcut in browser can close a tab. Since this exam is combination of both I am afraid I might close my exam tab while deleting a word in terminal. Now the only solution to this is disabling the shortcut in chrome. But turns out that the shortcut is hard coded in chrome.

rpm Notes

General notes about rpm packaging and references to upstream docs

Suraj Deshmukh

2 minute read

$ dnf -y install fedora-packager fedora-review
$ sudo usermod -a -G mock vagrant
$ fedora-packager-setup
$ kinit surajd@FEDORAPROJECT.ORG

My Notes

$ sudo rpm -ql redhat-rpm-config-45-1.fc25.noarch
$ rpm --showrc
$ rpm…
Suraj Deshmukh

4 minute read

Note: This is a living document and will be updated from time to time.

Suraj Deshmukh

2 minute read

I generally do kompose package testing for fedora and CentOS. So here are the steps I follow.

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