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Suraj Deshmukh

6-Minute Read

The book “Algorithms to Live by — The Computer Science of Human Decisions” is written by “Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths”. It fits into the genre non-fiction, psychology and computer science. The book is written lucidly. If you have a background in computer science, then this book is easy to follow. The book creates analogies of computer science algorithms with real-life situations. I felt that some metaphors sound good in reading than their application, so if you plan…

How to gracefully kill Kubernetes Jobs with a sidecar?

A sidecar in a Kubernetes Job, what? Yeah you might need one and here is how to shut it.

Suraj Deshmukh

6-Minute Read

Have you ever had a sidecar in your Kubernetes Job? If no, then trust me that you are lucky. If yes, then you will have the frustration of your life. The thing is Kubernetes Jobs are meant to exit on completion. But if you have a long-running sidecar, then that might twist things for Kubernetes and in turn of you.

Use Configmap for Scripts

A new way to ship scripts to container images.

Suraj Deshmukh

6-Minute Read

We generally use some sort of scripts in application container images. They serve various purposes. Some scripts might do an initial setup before the application starts, others may have the whole logic of the container image, etc. Whatever the goal may be the general pattern is to copy the script into the container image, build the image and then the script is available when you consume the image.

Being Productive with Git

Tips and tricks to make your day to day usage easier.

Suraj Deshmukh

5-Minute Read

Git is a day to day tool for version control. It has become a de facto method of source code versioning, it has become ubiquitous with development and its an essential skill for a programmer. I use it all the time.

How to backup and restore Prometheus?

Backing up Prometheus??!!

Suraj Deshmukh

2-Minute Read

This blog will show you how to take a backup from a running Prometheus and restore it in some other Prometheus instance. You might ask why would you even want to do something like that? Well, sometimes you want the Prometheus metrics because they were collected for some particular purpose and you want to do some analysis later.

Opinion: Contemporary world vis-à-vis 1984 by George Orwell

The Unsettling Similarity of Timeless Dystopian Novel.

Suraj Deshmukh

7-Minute Read

The book 1984 was written by Geroge Orwell in 1949 as an attempt to demonstrate how democraries can also fall into the trap of totalitarianism. The story in the book showcases a dystopian world in the year 1984, where there are only three countries in the world, and all of them are in a constant power struggle. All three countries have a totalitarian, oligarchic government of their own. But the story in the book is from a country called Oceania, which is ruled by a party called Ingsoc or English…

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